About Lamaze International

Lamaze International was originally called the American Society for Psychoprophylaxis in Obstetrics, and was founded in 1960 by Elisabeth Bing and Marjorie Karmel.

Ms Karmel had traveled to France and had given birth under the guidance of Dr Fernand Lamaze. Dr Lamaze had refined techniques he observed in Russia into what became known as the “the Lamaze method”. The techniques included childbirth education classes, relaxation, breathing and continuous emotional support from the father and a specially trained nurse.

Lamaze’s Vision: Knowledgeable parents making informed decisions.

Over the decades Lamaze has moved through several transformations. In 2001 the position paper ‘Lamaze for the 21st Century’ was published, which outlined the rationale for the evidence-based revolution of Lamaze. Today, Lamaze’s Mission and Vision statements, the Fundamentals for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting and the Lamaze 6 Health Birth Practices form the basis of the education pregnant couples receive. Educators are bound by a strict code of ethics and must meet certain criteria to maintain their certification.

Lamaze is a household name in America, and in many countries around the world. But in Australia, Lamaze is just starting out. Tanya Crawthrone-Strusberg returned to Australia in 2012 having attained her Lamaze Certification in Israel. She quickly discovered she was the only Lamaze educator in Australia, so she set to work. She developed an approved training program, and in early 2016 she held the first Lamaze Childbirth Educator Seminar, the compulsory precursor for people wanting to sit the Lamaze Certification Exam. Since then Tanya has trained scores of people, and there are now around 40 Lamaze certified educators in Australia. Thanks to Tanya’s passion and enthusiasm, that number is growing rapidly.

Lamaze’s Mission: To advance safe and healthy pregnancy, birth, and early parenting through evidence-based education and advocacy.

Australia is also the first country to be granted an Affiliate Organisation status, and Lamaze Australia was launched in late 2018. It’s an exciting time. Why don’t you become one of the hundreds of thousands of families worldwide who have enjoyed Lamaze Childbirth Education as you prepare for the birth of your baby.