Postpartum Preparation Sessions

We need to stop viewing postpartum support as a luxury and start seeing it as a necessity. Our investment in the Fourth Trimester is an acknowledgement of the preciousness of life – not just the baby’s life, but also that mother’s life. When a woman feels supported, the baby thrives, the relationship thrives, our community thrives, and our planet thrives.

~ Unknown

Are you anxious about how you’ll juggle your recovery from pregnancy and birth at the same time as adjusting to life with a newborn? D you have older children to consider when planning how best to approach your impending Fourth Trimester? As a Postpartum Doula I know what support is typically most needed and appreciated in the first 6-12 weeks after baby arrives. I’d love to help you put plans in place to help you feel supported and cared for during this journey.

Avoid having regrets about not planning your Fourth Trimester

Through my experience of working with newly postpartum families, I’ve developed my Postpartum Preparation Sessions as an answer to hearing time and again the areas new parents struggled with, were under-prepared for or didn’t know where to turn to for help. These sessions are aimed at demystifying what to expect, putting suitable support structures in place, and increasing self-confidence in your abilities to manage whatever this season of life throws at you.

These 120 minute sessions can be in person or via video call, and are available to anyone living in Australia.

Items covered during sessions may include:

  • Planning for how to boost oxytocin (a hormone important for bonding and breastfeeding) during the early weeks with your newborn
  • Discussing partner’s role both before and after they return to work
  • Planning for additional support once partner goes back to work
  • Creating and organising a Gather My Crew calendar
  • Planning how to involve older children with baby’s care, and provide 1:1 time with them so they feel connected
  • Discussing realistic expectations for the first 6-12 weeks
  • Discussing setting boundaries for extended family, visitors etc
  • Discussing breastfeeding goals, reputable contacts and resources and myth busting
  • Time for questions and general discussion

Download full Postpartum Preparation session outline

A 120 minute session is just $90 – available nationwide!

For an additional time commitment and fee, the following can also be discussed/arranged:

  • Investigating your financial capacity to invest in birth and/or postpartum doulas
  • Discussion of birth preferences and how to go about achieving them
  • Discussion of birth communication plans
  • In-home food prep/cooking session of freezer-friendly meals and snacks

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