Birth and Postpartum Planning Sessions

So, you’re on the fence about a full childbirth education class, or you’re not quite sure about a Postpartum Doula for one reason or another.

These sessions may be for you. During the second half of your pregnancy I can do an in-home session with you and your partner, where we discuss your hopes and fears for the reminder of your pregnancy, your birth and your early weeks with baby.

These sessions are aimed at putting suitable support structures in place, reducing the uncertainty you may feel and increasing self-confidence in your abilities to manage whatever this stage of life throws at you.

These sessions are a minimum of three hours, though can be longer and can involve multiple sessions.

Items covered during sessions may include:

  • Investigating your financial capacity to invest in birth and/or postpartum doulas
  • Discussion of birth preferences and how to go about achieving them
  • Discussion of birth communication plans
  • Planning for how to boost oxytocin during the early weeks with your newborn
  • Signing up to Coles/Woolworths online *temporarily unavailable*
  • Planning for support once partner goes back to work
  • Creating and organising a Gather My Crew calendar
  • Planning meals and snacks to fill your freezer
  • Cooking meals &/or snacks for your freezer
  • Any other aspects of planning birth and the postpartum period you’d like to discuss

*Now available both face to face or via Zoom*

  • Face to face sessions (minimum 3 hours): $50/hour
  • Zoom sessions (minimum 3 hours): $40/hour

Head to the Contact Me page to set up your session!