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Why invest in Lamaze Childbirth Education?

Being informed about the last weeks of pregnancy, your options in birth and the potential pros and cons of those options in different situation means you’ll have the confidence to be involved in decisions as they need to be made. Being fully educated means three things:

  • You’re less likely to feel overwhelmed if a problem does present itself in pregnancy or labour, as you’ll already have all the information and tools you need to make a fully informed decision.
  • Knowing the pros and cons of different interventions in different scenarios means you’re only likely to agree to ones which are truly necessary, which helps prevent a cascade of interventions and possible regret about how the birth unfolded.
  • Research shows that being involved in decision-making and ultimately being the one making the decisions (as opposed to agreeing to what is suggested to you) has the greatest impact on whether you feel satisfied and empowered with your birth, no matter how it unfolds.

Lamaze Childbirth Class graduates in the US who completed a survey post-birth reported a caesarean rate of 20%. This is 13% below the national average.

The same group reported an induction rate which was 10% less than that of the Listening to Mother’s survey respondents.

This research shows that families who invest in Lamaze Childbirth Education undergo less medical intervention than the standard population.

This is your child’s birth day, and the day that makes you a parent. Don’t you want to know you did everything in your power to prepare and make it a positive and empowering experience?

Please see my FAQ’s page for further information about the classes I offer.

First-Time Parents (FTP) Childbirth Education Class

DescriptionFull class covering everything from A-Z. See class outline.
LengthTotal of 7 hours. Typically completed as two 3.5 hour sessions, three sessions of approximately 2 hours, or custom.
Additional BenefitsAt the completion of the class you will receive a Your birth Your baby handouts folder and a Lamaze branded toy.
Cost$350 in person, $275 via Zoom calls