Postpartum Doula Services

Value Proposition

The anticipation for birth and the early weeks with your newborn can be a time of great anxiety and apprehension. How will the birth go? Am I prepared for the demands of breastfeeding and caring for my newborn, my older children, as well as caring for my own physical and mental health?

Would you prefer to feel confident, prepared and excited about moving into this new phase of life?

By actively planning for the support you’ll need in the postpartum period, you’ll feel prepared, gain confidence and excitement about the upcoming journey, and have peace of mind that no matter how your birth goes, no matter the temperament of your baby, you have the structures in place to give you the support you’ll need to juggle whatever you need to during those first weeks and months.

Ways we work together

My services can help with all aspects of planning for birth and care during the early postpartum period. As a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, I provide information on all the options available to you regarding the interventions and procedures available during childbirth, which will assist your confidence in knowing what to expect and also how to advocate for your wishes in a hospital environment.

Moving in to the early postpartum season, I’m available to support you through your journey by helping reduce the anxiety and apprehension you may be experiencing when you think about how you’ll navigate this stage. By holding space, taking care of day-to-day household chores and essentially ‘mothering the mother’ I can provide practical and emotional support for families while they navigate the newborn bubble.

I’ll help you build your village by planning for the support you’ll need by organising specific structures in your life

I’ll help you change your mindset; with planning and information comes confidence, which will change how you view this upcoming period in your life.

I’ll help your boost oxytocin, an invaluable hormone which you’ll need on a daily basis when bonding with and caring for your newborn and yourself.

But my baby is already here?

If your baby has already arrived in your life and your now finding you need extra support, that’s ok. I can still help you in all the same ways to get some extra sleep, discuss parenting arrangements with your partner, suggest ideas for sharing the load and finding additional support in the wider community. It’s never too late to seek the support you need so even if baby is 2, 6, 12 weeks old, please reach out.

The structure of my services

You can choose from a few options as to how we structure our time together:

  • One 4 hour single visit
  • 20 hour package
  • 40 hour package
  • Customized package – minimum 8 hours

We can hold planning sessions where we discuss your needs, expectations and priorities, and go about putting a basic structure for your first few postpartum visits.

I’ll also help you plan for support from outside of my services, so you can provide family and friends with ways they can help you during this time.

I offer the birthing parent varying numbers of massages to help boost oxytocin, promote post birth healing and encourage relaxation and self-care.

But what does having a Postpartum Doula help you actually look like?

Essentially, I’m there to mother the mother, and lighten her load.

My duties can involve any of the following:

  • Cooking or prepping meals from start to end
  • Cooking or prepping nutritious snacks for you to have on hand
  • Light housework including:
    • Washing up/stacking/un-staking dishwasher
    • Hanging out/bringing in/folding washing
    • Sweep or vacuum high-traffic floor areas
    • Sterilizing breast pump and bottle equipment
    • Other tasks as agreed upon
  • Entertaining older children and/or holding baby so mum can eat uninterrupted, shower, or take a nap
  • Grabbing water/tea/snacks/magazines for mum at any time
  • Helping with general baby care – bathing, feeding, settling
  • Providing postpartum massages to help promote recovery and boost oxytocin
  • Answering questions and providing evidence -based information
  • Being available to listen and chat about the challenges and joys of birth and early parenting
  • Having access to a network of other postpartum professionals to refer to if the need arises, for example
    • Women’s health physiotherapists
    • International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and the Australian Breastfeeding Association
    • Prenatal Psychologists

If you’re considering my services, please contact me today. I only work with one Postpartum family at a time, so if you’re interested in working with me, the earlier you get in contact, the more likely your due month is available!

Our initial 30 minute 1:1 appointment is free, so you have nothing to lose by finding out more.


My Postpartum Doula support works out to be $50/hour, expect for the one-off 4 hour sessions:

  • One 4 hour single visit – $250
  • 20 hour package – $1000
  • 40 hour package – $2000
  • Customized package – minimum 8 hours/$400

This virus may have seriously disrupted the support plans you had in place for your first few weeks home with bub. You may have had planned to have family come in from overseas or interstate – plans which may now be in disarray. Postpartum doulas can help restore a calm confidence to your postpartum care plans. Please get in contact if you have any questions about this service.

When it comes to hygiene when visiting for postpartum support, the upmost care is taken.  I have a COVIDSafe Plan in place, will wear a mask for the duration of the visit, and all effort to maintain social distancing and avoid unnecessary physical contact will be made.

I would never come to an appointment if I felt unwell in any way. I have a back-up doula so that you will still receive the support you need if I am unable to attend.

I wash my hands thoroughly when I arrive, follow the most stringent personal hygiene for coughing and sneezing at all times, and have an existing policy of only supporting one family at a time.